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My Favorite Scripted UCB Shows

I feel like people rarely talk about older UCB shows, so I wanna. I’ve been around the UCB for about 5 years now and I’ve see a ton of shows. I know a lot of others have as well, so I’m interested in hearing people’s favorites (specifically of the scripted ones). Three stand out for me, and they’re surprising all one-person shows:

Unfortunately all three of these shows have finished their runs and may never be seen again (hoping that’s not true). I sadly can’t even find any video of any of them (let me know if you can). I think these three may have appealed to me because all three were singular visions and very clearly exactly what each person wanted to make, regardless of audience expectations. I hope to at some point write something as true to my visions as these appeared to be to their creators. So what are your favorites? There’s many that I loved that I haven’t put here. I’d be very interested to see what others loved and why.

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