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A racing disabled Dachshund named Anderson Pooper.

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just let him have the pizza


just let him have the pizza

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seriously though. do you have a big butt? -Anonymous

I wear tight enough jeans to let the viewer decide. And seriously. Great question.

Do you have a big butt? -Anonymous

Good question.

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Just to let you know, we DO NOT have to act like Yoko Ono is a good musician. This goes for you especially, Yo La Tengo.

Been waiting for this album for a while. If you’re into good music, check it. Stunning, perfect, bittersweet, fuzzy indie pop. RIYL: Boyracer, Unrest, Superchunk, pop.

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That ish.

The Preatures - “Better Than It Ever Could Be”

RIYL: Haim

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Episode 1 - The Perfect Monday

Holy crap. The smiles.

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